Common Access to European Biodiversity

CETAF, in conjunction GBIF and the EU-SYNTHESYS project, announces the launch of the new BioCASE Portal, providing access to the European biodiversity data in the GBIF system. It is complementary to the GBIF portal in that it provides more detailed information about specimen and observation data, especially when these are based on the rich ABCD standard.

This multilingual portal demonstrates the modular and distributed nature of the GBIF infrastructure, which allows regional networks such as BioCASE to both contribute to and build upon the global efforts in biodiversity informatics led by GBIF. GBIF is building a worldwide information infrastructure that interconnects hundreds of databases, and promotes the digitisation of data that are not currently available via the Internet, such as those associated with specimens in natural history museums. GBIF encourages other interest groups to build additional access points to the GBIF data that specialise in their areas of interest.

Search the BioCASE portal for European biodiversity (specimens and observations)

The BioCASE portal development has been supported by the European Commission (Projects BioCASE and SYNTHESYS). The initial setup of the German GBIF Portal was supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). GBIF is supported by a consortium of countries.