Simple access to ABCD providers

Important Notes:

This is just a prototype to demonstrate distributed access to ABCD providers, using the BioCASE protocol.
A full user interface is under development. Click here for more information on the purpose of this demonstrator.

Query ABCD Data Providers:

Enter your query, using * as a wildcard. For the scientific name, a wildcard at the end will be added automatically by the system (e.g. "Abi" will find all names starting with Abi, "Abies alba" will find the names of subspecies etc. of Abies alba, "*aaa*" will find all names containing triple a, and "Ab*ba" will find Abies alba etc.). If you would like to receive the full response in xml format, please supply a valid email address. 

Enter a taxon name or a part of it (e.g. Hiera):

Enter a higher taxon name (e.g. P*)

Enter a country name (e.g. Iceland):

Enter your email address for a full result response email:


Limit max. number of results per database to    
Wait for not more than sec. for a database to respond (consider raising this timeout level if you get insufficient results).

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